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What do we do ?

Revivendo Memórias is a social project that, through research in neurosciences, uses the memory of sport and art to help the elderly, people with dementia and cognitive impairment.


We develop actions such as cognitive activities, leisure, and neuroscience research to provide cognitive stimulation, socialization, social reintegration and improvement in quality of life.



People with dementia and cognitive changes protected with memory loss, which ends up bringing problems in everyday life.


As a result, these people move away from social life, isolating themselves from society, and end up experiencing, less and less, exciting moments in their lives.

What is your

Passion ?

Sports, music, arts, soap operas, cinema, series, etc., are passions that we experience throughout our lives, and reliving these special and remarkable moments can help these people to interact in cognitive activities and also to reinsert them in society.

Talking about remarkable games of your favorite team, listening to music that marked your childhood and adolescence, novels and films that made you feel emotional, poetry and books that touched you deeply, are powerful passions and memories that stay with us for a lifetime.

For people with dementia and cognitive impairment where memory is lost, reliving these moments can be of great help to improve the quality of life and to reinsert them into a social environment again.


We are the Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology Group at Hospital das Clínicas, USP Medical School, in the Neurology department, which performs care and research in the area of cognition and dementia.

The group involves a multidisciplinary team with neurologists, neuropsychologists, gerontologists, speech therapists, physical educators, nurses and health professionals in general.

Revivendo Memórias is a social and research project that we develop for the community, so that patients can perform cognitive stimulation, leisure activities and social reintegration.


Responsible for the development of Revivendo Memórias in the Cognitive Neurology and Behavior Group at HC / FMUSP. Atlantic Fellows at the Global Brain Health Institute at the University of California, San Francisco. Has interests in Neuroscience and Health Tech.

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Carlos Chechetti

Professor of Neurology at FMUSP. Coordinator of the GNCC Group at Hospital das Clínicas. Responsible for the Cognitive Neurology outpatient clinic at Hospital Santa Marcelina (SP).

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Sonia Brucki, MD, PhD

Neurologist of the Cognitive Neurology and Behavior Group at HC / FMUSP. He graduated and has a doctorate from FMUSP. Has interests in genetics, Alzheimer's disease and Frontotemporal dementia.

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Leonel Takada, MD, PhD

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